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Women of the Summit is a non-profit dedicated to establishing, promoting and helping our community of Summit County Colorado Women thrive in business and life.

Here at Women Of The Summit, we believe that when Summit County Colorado Women thrive, our entire community thrives.  

A key pillar of the Women of the Summit is PHILANTHROPY.  And as a non profit, the revenue earned from our events and fundraising initiatives goes towards causes in line with our vision and values. 

  • First, Women of the Summit raises funds to advance the education and accessibility of scholarships for young women within our community.  Scholarship winners demonstrate a clear parallel between their endeavors and our values. 

  • Looking ahead, Women of the Summit is currently researching adding additional awards to support the women in our community including Small Business Grants for female entrepreneurs and Women in Leadership awards to support career professionals.

Female owned businesses are at all time high, the pressing needs of childcare and housing challenges have never before been as extreme as they are today, and healthcare advances are abundant but leave many with questions.  Women of the Summit is here to support the women who live or work in Summit County Colorado to not just survive these challenges... but THRIVE in Business and in Life.  

Please contact us to learn more about our causes including how you can volunteer, support or donate to our causes.