Vice President

Michele joined Women Of The Summit in 2022.  Strongly motivated to build upon the WOTS founding vision, and develop a community that supports the modern demographic and needs of our community.


Local to Summit County Colorado for over 20 years, my specialty is helping working women answer their next personal finance question. My clients are ready to stop winging it with their day-to-day money choices to get a plan and get ahead. Together, we tackle past debt, current spending choices, and make a plan for future saving and purchases.

Throughout my career, I’ve been leading teams to design and deploy successful revenue strategies for business. But like I always told my employees, I believe that the most important financial plan is the one you build for yourself. I leverage the same tools I used in my corporate career guiding business teams to assist individuals in achieving trackable Personal Finance results.

I have successfully coached past clients to pay off debt, save for a big purchase, improve money conversations with their partner, negotiate a raise, and more. What is your next personal finance question? I will help you make a confident decision.

Catch up with me at the next Women of the Summit event or grab some time on my calendar at www.FinancialFeedbackWest.com

I am always looking for referral partners. If you are a Financial Advisor, Tax Accountant, Lender, Insurance Provider, Real Estate Agent or in another related field let’s connect to see how we can support each other.