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How long has the WOMEN IN BUSINESS grant been awarded?

The Women In Business Grant is new and will be awarded for the first time in December 2022

How do you select the WOMEN IN BUSINESS  grant winners and when is it announced?

A Women In Business selection committee made up of active members meets to review and evaluate grant applications and select finalists.  Finalists are then discussed and another vote to determine winners.  

Winners will be announced in December 2022.

What are the eligibility requirements to apply for a WOMEN IN BUSINESS grant?

  • Business Owners applying on behalf of a business that is at least 50% women owned for consideration.  The business and female business owner reside in Summit County Colorado full time.

  • Business Professionals must reside and full time in Summit County Colorado and be currently or seeking to grow their career at a Summit County business

Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years old. 

What is the application deadline?

Deadline for application is 11:59 pm Mountain Time on October 31 2022. 

What criteria do you use to select a grant winner?

1.  Your story. We’re looking for qualities like passion, business savvy, and vision. Women who believe in what they’re doing tend to make us believers, too.

2.  Plans for the grant money. Tell us how you would invest the money if you won. Details and SPECIFICS appreciated. If available Submit Business Plans or additional Back Up including Pricing Estimates.

  • Business Owners: What are your plans for growing/starting your business? Explain how you’ll achieve business success.

  • Professional: Plans for your career growth.  Opportunity for growth.  Explanation of how you’ll achieve career success. 

How Much is the Grant?

You tell us!  Women Of The Summit is testing giving out multiple grants of variable amounts.  Grant awards are based on the needs of the individual applicant.

IMPORTANT: While the ceiling on the application is $5000 we do not recommend applying for the full $5k unless you have a business plan and back up as to how you will spend that money to make an impact. We recommend that instead, you make a clear case for exactly what you need.....

FOR EXAMPLE:  a business owner might be looking for a deposit to secure retail space and supply back up of the average cost of rental deposits or even the exact paperwork of what they are applying for.  A  career professional career might apply for the cost to cover coaching, training and testing for licenses and certifications and provide the details of the program they are seeking and the associated costs.

Do I need an online presence to apply? 

Not required but recommended

  • Small Business Owners: it’s helpful if you provide a website or social media profile from your company.

  • Professionals: it is helpful if you provide your Linked in profile or similar. 

Submission Deadine for 2022 is over.  Check back for updates in 2023!

Grant FAQ: Text


This is our first year offering this grant.  There are bound to be more questions.  Ask Here!

Grant FAQ: Text
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