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OUR MISSION:  Women of the Summit is a local non-profit dedicated to establishing, promoting and helping our community of Summit County Colorado Women thrive in business and life.


Female Developers


Make connections that matter on a personal and professional level


Invest in Summit County women with resources & opportunities.


The revenue earned from our events and fundraising initiatives goes towards causes in line with our mission and vision. 

New in 2022

Women In Business Grant


Create space and educational content that reflect the needs of the current population as it grows and evolves.

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Our Founders

Women of the Summit was Founded in 1982 by a group of local business women who were seeking the same things our local community is seeking today: Friendship, Resources and Philanthropy

Back then, the main show in town was Rotary International.  Who, unfortunately, were barred from allowing women into their chapter* Not to be deterred they "built their own table" and formed a local non profit dedicated to establishing, promoting and support the women of Summit County Colorado to thrive in Business & in Life.  

That mission still speaks to the hearts and minds of local community today and is the foundation and inspiration of everything we do. 

Pictured L to R:   Women Of The Summit founders Mary Staby, Rosanne Gain and Sandy Cleveland. Dec 2022 at the 40th Anniversary Gala. 

Photo Credit:  Katie Girtman: Studi Kiva Photography

Who We Are Today

Since rebuilding post pandemic, Women Of The Summit has grown to over 100 annual members.  We build our sisterhood  through regular connection.  Coffee meet ups, outdoor adventures, educational workshops, relevant lunch panels and  fundraising iniatives provide us  the foundation to build real community.


Our Members

  • XX% Career Leaders

  • YY%  Business Owners

  • JJ% Women Of Color

  • FF% age 35-55

  • PP% Non Profit Employee, Volunteer, Board of Directors or Steward

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* In 1989, its first meeting after the 1987 U.S. Supreme Court decision banning the club from excluding female members, the Rotary Council on Legislation voted to eliminate the requirement in the RI Constitution that membership in Rotary clubs be limited to men. Women are now welcomed into Rotary clubs around the world and now make up 23% of the membership base.  Rotary International voted in the first female president of the Rotary Jennifer Jones

Today, Women Of The Summit, Breck Rotary and Summit Rotary have evolved into a collaborative partnership participating in each-others events and have several cross-members.

Pictured Right, Women of The Summit President, Michele Nosari was invited by Breck Rotary to present at a meeting and share information about the Women In Business Grant.


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