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5 Reasons to Join WOMEN OF THE SUMMIT in 2022

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Women of the Summit is a non-profit dedicated to establishing, promoting and helping our community of Summit County Colorado women thrive in business and life.

There are lots of opportunities to join networking and philanthropy groups in Summit County Colorado. Women of the Summit serves a unique niche that was under served when it was founded in the 1980s and remains poised to fill in the gaps today.

As I speak with women around our community, more and more I hear that so many are seeking to connect with like minded locals who have the same challenges and interests. They want to learn about other women businesses, build up a social network, and have volunteer opportunities that support a female supported community. What I hear over and over is that, like me, Summit County women are seeking support, community, networking and philanthropy opportunities in their business and their life. As with everything, the pandemic limited the opportunities to online or outdoor small groups.

Now, as we emerge into spring, and the season of renewing is upon us. Women of the Summit non profit is poised for regrowth. Our core group of members, along with a board of directors that includes both new faces and those whose resumes include a legacy of support for the organization, are ready to meet the current needs of our modern community.

Women Of The Summit is here to support the women in our community to thrive in business and life.



Women of the Summit was founded by a dedicated group of local women in the 1980s who, being barred from joining the male only Rotary International, formed their own non profit. This foundation as a 503c organization, with an an established vision and structure, positions WOTS to scale and build upon its foundation


Meet like minded women, grow your business, advance your career, and support other women. Historically a twice a year staple, WOTS is poised to meet the expectation of the current modern community and expanding evening social networking events. There are now more woman owned and operated business than ever before and WOTS is open to partner with these venues via these events. Click here to learn more about using your venue to partner with us


Each month, WOTS members gather to meet over lunch for community and networking. 2022 brings a new curriculum of Lunch & Learn series . Each hosted by a prominent or emerging Summit County woman who is ready to share her experience and services to contribute to your success. The Lunch & Learn series is our signature event opportunity to support you in building friendships, fostering your community, grow your networking circles and learn from others. . Learn more about attending our next event


Nothing helps a Summit County woman thrive in life or in business like her health and wellness. These topics are a cornerstone of our event programing. Women of the Summit is always looking to partner with those in the industry who have education and support to share.

Join Women of the Summit in July for signature event to get outside and get moving together. Click here for more info.


Here at Women Of The Summit, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause. Since the 1980's, we’ve been supporting our community members by investing in the future generation.

Each year, we proudly raises funds via donations, dues and volunteer fund raising events to support out scholarship fund. These funds go to the most deserving young women graduating from our local high schools who embody our vision and purpose.

WOTS is exploring future opportunities to use our non profit status and fund raising platform to support Summit County women to thrive in business and in life. Have an idea? Contact us here.


Summit County women, we hear you. we feel the same. We are looking for what you are looking for. Now is the time to build upon what our founders and legacy members have created to revive the vision for todays modern Summit County Colorado woman.

If you too are seeking support, community, networking, and philanthropy opportunities so you too can thrive in business and life join Women of The Summit today!

  • Click here to learn more about Women of the Summit membership options

  • Learn more about upcoming Women Of The Summit events

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